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We provide convenience

As Filipino surfers, we understand the challenges brought about by a growing sport. This is why our aim for Brownman Surf is to not just be a shop but a service provider to our fellow surfers. By making surf gear more accessible, you stop wasting time looking for equipment and spend more time getting your stoke. No more needing to ask where to buy!

We care for our environment

Brownman Surf is environmentally conscious. We feel your pain when you see negligent people use materials that hurt our land and harm our rivers, lakes, and especially our oceans. As much as possible, we promote gear that is friendly to our country's most precious resources.

Local oriented

We are proud to be Filipino and we like to help the local surf industry thrive. That's why we mostly carry local, high quality products that are made with passion and the earth in mind. If they're not produced locally, however, we import eco-friendly products to make sure we cause no further harm while having fun in the water. Our country is too beautiful to be left damaged, after all. We also aim to promote our stunning surf spots and their locals by sharing more information and knowledge needed to explore and help you start your journey in surfing.