Wave Tribe Surf Wallet


Can’t find your fins?

Spend too much time looking for your fin key?

Yea, us too.

Wave Tribe has developed a hemp fin wallet to help you keep all your surf goodies in one place.

This fin wallet is made from HEMP—naturally—and fits all types of fins, including longboard and fish.

There are six pockets, a few enclosed to stash your ultra sensitive goodies. The fin pockets are made from strong mesh, helping you to keep your fins securely in place. Don’t miss that session because you had the wrong fins, keep your accessories in one convenient place.

What Cool People Say:

“The name sums it up; Wave Tribe. The awesome people within The Tribe live and breathe for the waves, and like any tribal people they are self-sustaining. . . leashes and board bags built from natural and recycled materials.”

~ Henry Swales, Founder – Fluid Earth Fin Co

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